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AtmoSphere - City Business Centre Timișoara competition

Timișoara, jud. Timiș, România

Authors’ Comment

Starting from the symmetry and breadth of the space we proposed an uniform treatment of the finishes to highlight the accesses by using vertical stripes of translucent optix, and, to leave the impression of a more generous space, without constraints, we proposed a transparent or translucent glass railing.
The key element of this composition is an architectural installation that fulfills the function of a waiting space -object that invites to rest- and attracts through form, texture and light, becoming the center of interest. This installation is made out of a metallic structure wrapped either with a metal envelope made out of anodized aluminum, or matte optix. To meet the needs of the digital era, the resting place will be provided with an illuminated table that has a charging hub designed for modern devices.
The reception desk is made up of two distinct and antithetical items: a monolithic element made of concrete and a fragmented element made of MDF, in order to clearly mark it's fixed position.
The two proposed furnishing items are in an opposing relationship, the diaphanous character and the organic form of the sphere contrasts with the clear and solid forms of the reception.

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