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Alongside and together

Comuna Balotesti, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Pietro-Aureliano Dorissa, arch. Cassandra Pop / NA Architecture & Branding / Dorissa Architects

Authors’ Comment

"Alongside and together" invites people to take part in an informal debate about unspoken concepts of dwelling. We are used to believe that public space exists only outside the perimeter of living. As long as you are seeing a person and you are being seen in return we can acknowledge the presence of public space in the privacy of our home as well.
How do you build a home for sustaining family harmony over time? The architecture of dwelling connects and unties in a daily eternal loop the members of a family. Both interior and exterior spaces of a home function according to soul’s need for closeness and separation between those who share a living space.
In order to appreciate closeness shouldn’t we be aware of its daily wear and tear?
In what manner does private space we are all looking for is being temporary activated by a dweller inside a home in different moments of the day?
Each living room receives – independent structure, open light – identity.
On the outside the resulted chambers are perceived as a uniform entity, a home, while in the interior, each one becomes an individual entity through its own structure.

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