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Study for a Protestant Church. Worship Place and Parish Center

Bucureşti, România
Authors: arch. Andrei Eugen LAKATOȘ, arch. Sebastian Ciprian CĂLUGĂRU
Collaborators: arch. Marian BARBU (vizualizări 3D), ing. Vlad Petrescu (rezistență)


Authors’ Comment

The proposal for the church in the Labirint Street aims to create a space whose conformation and qualities contribute to creating a favorable atmosphere for worship, and the connection between man and divinity.
The project proposes the construction in 2 phases of a new church. The first phase involves the construction of a new building on the open ground in the immediate vicinity of the current church, a building dating from 1920. After the first phase has been put into operation, the old building is to be demolished, the structure of the building being affected by the multiple earthquakes the building has suffered; after its demolition, the construction of the 2nd phase will begin. Finally, the two phases of the construction will function as a single building.
The first phase is conformed as a stand-alone construction that can operate independently. When the 2nd phase will be put into operation, new functions will be added and some of the existing ones will be redistributed for even better use of the spaces.

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