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Masterplan Zona Verde - Est

Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Authors: arch. Ruxandra-Ioana Tonco, Alexandru Palcau, Cristina Grijincu, Mădalina - Mihaela Zaharia / Novelty AE
Collaborators: Structura: Marius Tanase
Instalatii: Mihai Ghitoi

Authors’ Comment

Man’s connection with the environment, respectively the surrounding green areas is the vision that represents the foundation of the project. The most important requirement of the program was making the whole terrain accessible so the primary goal is interconnection of the proposed objectives.
Identifying the bio – diversity on site lead to the idea of eco -system with a natural component and an antropic one.
The intention is to copy its process and structure aspiring to opening the politics and population towards respecting the existing values and developing a cohabitation of natural and antropic landscape.
The proposal creates areas that satisfy diverse needs for the residents, regardless of age and interests. Even though the proposed activities promote access to the nearby communities, they address all the city’s residents, completing the services the city already offers in terms of leisure and entertainment.
The project aims to group the proposed activities by the category of users it adresses and connects them through a series of pedestrian and bicicle routes, that cover most of the terrain.

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