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Micro dwelling - competition

Authors’ Comment

Starting from the concept of living and the human needs that it fulfills, we have gone to the prehistoric dwelling, as a source of inspiration, because these met the immediate needs for shelter.
The object represents the reinterpretation of the geologic forms through an irregular envelope made out of metallic facade profiles that alternate with concrete facade panels that bring the mineral element into the volume.
The dwelling has an ample opening which evokes cave entrances, allowing for natural lighting and blending with the natural surroundings.
The concept of limit of necessity dwellings generated an unitary space that meets day and night functions alternatively. The living area is made out of a living and working space, that, by night, converts into a bedroom. Because the working space and bedroom are used in different moments of the day, the solution we provided is a folding piece of furniture, that, can be used as an office by day and as a king bed by night. The sole segregated function is the lavatory that is separated from the rest of the house by partition walls.

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