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The Church with Gardens

București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandra Maria Afrăsinei, arch. Ruth - Adalgiza Iacob / Afrăsinei Alexandra-Maria - Birou Individual de Arhitectură
Collaborators: Randări 3D: Alexandru Barat

Authors’ Comment

Located in a historic area of Bucharest, the project look to enhance the character of the place, by capitalizing on the existing and latent qualities both at the urban and social level, as well as highlighting the qualities of the typical worship space of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The intervention strategy contains two major steps – on the one hand, the observation and analysis of the existing as a first step to understanding the context and, on the other hand, the establishment of an intervention that creates social and urban connections for a spatial and cultural integration of church in the conscience of the inhabitants. Each level and layer of the project refers to a different spatial typology, capitalizing on materiality and light and interpreting different degrees of public/private, transparency and opacity. Starting from the macro scale to the detailed intervention, we have a series of overlapping layers that lead to the urban and social integration of the church (the issue of awareness of the Church's presence in the city, and the proposed Church, considered as a meeting place of to all people, as a place to bring together, where nature and openness coexist).

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