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DS Single-family House

București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru Pașol, arch. Roxana-Alexandra Gavrilă, arch. Silviu Gavrilă / SC Arhipas Design SRL
Collaborators: Form Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

The individual dwelling of this study is located in the ANL "Henri Coanda" neighborhood in Bucharest. The owners wish to alter the original project, the construction has been paused in an intermediary phase. They want to interfere with the current configuration favoring an aesthetic resolution of the single-family’s exterior. In this sense, the volumes defining the house's silhouette and the gaps in the façade get readjusted in order to achieve a unitary and minimalist composition on the outside.
Inside the dwelling, architects chose to decorate the ground floor and attic using materials and textures that resonate with the tastes of the owners.
For the interior design concept, neutral colors, cold tones and local brick have been used as wall accents - specific to the industrial style, and bright ceilings with insertons of wood or apparent concrete have been added to balance the atmosphere.
The neutral textures of ceramic tiles with solid wood are alternated within the floor.
The furniture used follows the same playful concept that alternates the basic nuances found in interior finishes with bold colors and materials that have the role of completing the interior compositional flow.

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