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Băile - Turda Multifunctional Centre

Turda, jud. Cluj, România
Authors: arch. Ruxandra-Ioana Tonco, Alexandru Palcau, Cristina Grijincu, Mădalina - Mihaela Zaharia / Novelty AE
Collaborators: Structură: Marius Tănase
Instalații: Mihai Ghițoi

Authors’ Comment

The project's goal is the improvement of public urban space by developing a diverse series of leisure areas, closely connected to the local authorities' development vision regarding the growth of the cultural, educational, social and recreational environment of the city. The center is located near Băi Sărate area, which has been a main point of attraction for the residents for a long time, because of the landscape, micro - climate and positioning in relation to the city. The site's main characteristic is diversity - the area of the proposal is fairly plane, with impressively sized trees.
Composition: The center develops as a pavilion-based structure, where the layout was one of the project's biggest challenges. For the purpose of saving the existent trees, the center was developed around them, starting with the main section, the one that houses cultural and educational activities and a day center. The building is accessed through an existent road that will be modernized - its route is sinuous for the same reason - the protection and conservation of the trees.

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