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SSAB showroom design

București, Romania
Authors: Alex Adam, cond.arch Roger - Oliviu Pop, Adrian Brătescu, Georgiana Jipa, arch. Andreea Nica / aastudio
Collaborators: Fotograf - Cornel Lazia, Obiecte sanitare - SSAB, Iluminat - Redo Group, Montaj corpuri de iluminat - Laurminic, Mobilier - Apple Design, Semineu - Angedo, Constructor si finisaje - Mario Design Style

Authors’ Comment

The main aim of this project was using the wide range of materials provided by SSAB, while accurately emphasizing them. Therefore, the space was divided into 3 areas defined by different aeshtetical approaches, united by a neutral background helping the exhibited products to pop up.
The lighting display facing the street is highlighted once the sun goes down, delivering an unique ambience, overwhelming the passersby. Being the vastest section of the showroom, this foremost space incorporates a diverse series of areas such as a functional showering compartment, and a discussion area where the wood embraces various ceramic and metal elements, carrying on the metaphor of the recurring metal structures.
In order to place a limit on these areas, a series of house-like metal structures was used without obstructing the displaying of the products, while providing much-needed individuality and a source of artificial lighting.
A mixture of light fixtures and highly reflective surfaces “sharply arranged” solves the lack of illumination in the latter room. Besides, this personalized room also accommodates a custom-built functional lavatory with a waterfall disposed drainage and a display area for a set of rotating vertical panels as tall as the room itself - 3,5 m.

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