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ML Apartment

București, România
Authors: int.arch. Eduard Baicu, int.arch. Cristian Matei, designer Andrei Oțet / Phenomena laboratory

Authors’ Comment

The beneficiary's courage to detach from the image of a conventional space and to opt for an atypical space, has been the main point of this collaboration since its concept phase. The resulting work is defined by a clean and coherent space, that also has a trace of fantasy, which can be spotted through the use of different textures and vibrant colors. One of the main points in creating such a space was the attention to details and finishes. The smooth transition between spaces was realized through wall cladding, which extends from one room to the other. Besides the aesthetic advantages, the cladding also hides the main storage areas and thus creating a much more open and uncluttered space. We also created visual illusions, through the use of mirrors and curves, the latter for transitional elements, such as wall and ceiling corners.

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