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Apartment with bike

București, România
Authors: arch. Olivia Zahalca, arch. Radu Postolache / Postolache Zahalca Arhitectura

Authors’ Comment

Located in the northern area of ​​Bucharest, the apartment was meant from the beginning to be rented to a young and dynamic couple – therefore, the design was thought in terms of functionality, minimalism and fluidity, but with warm accents for a home-like feeling.
The initial layout was almost entirely changed. To create a large, welcoming and bright space, the old hall, living room and bathroom were united, giving birth to the present day area.
For a discreet and natural integration into the living space, the kitchen is treated in a minimalist style – just a front worktop with a solid wooden counter, lighted by the narrow full-height window – the rest of the kitchen equipment being masked in the nearby closet.
The hallway, which crosses the entire length of the apartment and separates the night area from the daytime area, was designed as a full-length storage area with a strong accent – the wood plated bicycle niche, which became the symbol of the house.

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