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Craiova, jud. Dolj, România
Authors: arch. Vladimir Mîndru, arch. Irina Bălănean / YELLOW OFFICE

Authors’ Comment

The transformation of Mythos Restaurant was a drastic one, the aim was to transform the previously outdated design into a chic, sophisticated one. Changing the colour palette to deep, rich blues contrasted by white and nude wooden tones, is not only a reference for the mediterranean heritage but also gives the space a refined and calm feel.
The restaurant's layout was altered to create as much open space as possible by eliminating non-structural walls, in order to create a more fluid customer experience. The delimitation within the restaurant was achieved mainly through the use of wooden panels with a wireframe-like structure. Ceramic tiles were used for the circulation spaces while the seating areas have soft wooden flooring.
The new design also included a team of local artists, creating an element found on the restaurant’s walls - a volumetric mural made of hand painted ceramic plates.

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