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Cortina Lobby

București, România
Authors: int.arch. Eduard Baicu, int.arch. Cristian Matei, int.arch. Claudia Parnia, designer Andrei Oțet / Phenomena laboratory

Authors’ Comment

The design of this lobby derived from the idea of a transit hub, similar to the railway stations and transit points of great european cities. The main purpose of this space is to receive and redirect the inhabitants of the building. Therefore, the lobby is the gateway between the urban noise and the place where people retrieve for comfort, their homes.
The powerful contrast between yellow and black captures the attention of people even before they step inside and thus directing them to the access points of each separate block. Another medium of communication between the space and the passer-by is the lighting, the focal points being the reception desk and the mail boxes. Also, we can find led strips on the floor, the purpose of which is to guide the people to the vertical access points of the building and also, to define the mirror cladding of the walls, as to avoid future accidents.

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