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Apartment "SS"

București, România
Author: arch. Raluca Pădurariu / 2Deco Studio
Collaborators: Arh. Meves Ioana
Int. Arh. Stoian Alina
Int. Designer Iana Oana

Authors’ Comment

The owner, fan of the spa culture, wanted an airy space, harmoniously outlined, in a neoclassical arrangement, with delicate style breaks as accents.
The neutral atmosphere is achieved by the uniform coloring of the walls, doors and decorative profiles in gray tones. The essence of the oak flooring, another dominant element, contrasts and highlights the color pallet chosen in an elegant manner.
Access is through the living area, bounded by the kitchen by a wooden frame that has an aesthetic role. The kitchen has a great visual impact by joining classical and industrial elements such as golden metal accents and stone textures.
"My personal spa", as the owner named it, the bedroom is divided into the sleeping area and the relaxation area dominated by the imposing presence of the freestanding bathtub. In the bedroom are perfectly matched contrasting materials such as: golden metal, forged iron, velvet carpet, ceramics and marble. Baths complement the neutral and refined atmosphere.
Space is thus highlighted by a contrast of classical - contemporary games, neutral - warm tones. The paintings made by ABOsketch outline elegantly and ennoble the space.

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