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Babi Soft Serve

București, România
Authors: arch. Mihriban Ocalan, arch. Amina Aladhami, arch. Alexandru Pop / prototip9
Collaborators: Brut Concept - executie rafturi/banchete

Authors’ Comment

The concept for the design of the ice cream shop came from the image of a soft serve ice cream, the main inspiration being molten ice cream waves.
This idea is expressed both in the floor design that reminds the visitor of layers of melting ice cream and on the walls enclosing the ice cream machines which are covered in bright turquoise corrugated metal sheets. The bar was also decorated with the same type of corrugated sheets as the walls but colored white this time to contrast with the vivid colors in the space.
Almost obsessively pursuing this idea of a soft serve ice cream, which is cold but malleable,the main material used were various forms of curved metal in different pastel shades to express different ice cream flavors.

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