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"The Grill" Restaurant

București, România
Author: arch. Raluca Pădurariu / 2Deco Studio
Collaborators: Arh. Meves Ioana
Int. Arh. Stoian Alina
Int. Designer Iana Oana

Authors’ Comment

The aim of this space was to create a warm and inviting environment by using natural materials.
Starting from the name of the restaurant - "The Grill", the concept is created around the grill and the wood-fired oven at sight. In order to highlight this area, a contrast was created by joining massive metallic plating in black with brass accents and natural brick.
The central bar is another important piece. Magnified letters made of antique metal that leave a perimeter light effect on the natural oak plating of the bar create a strong visual impact at the entrance to the restaurant. Suspended glass and metal elements complete the volume of this area.
In order to create the inviting atmosphere, natural oak essences have been used to cover structural elements and walls, floors and furniture. Blue accents have been chosen for the upholstery of some of the seats, in a balanced mix with leather textures in natural earth colors.
A unique element is the illustration in the entrance area of the restaurant, which describes in a beautiful graphic the story that led to the opening of this public space.

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