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Showroom Theta

București, România
Authors: arch. Irina Stoica, arch. Flavia Bușcan, int.arch. Andreea Benchea, int.arch. Miruna Vișan / Intermedio General Grup ( Theta)
Collaborators: Mobilier standard/custom : Intermedio General Grup ( Theta)
Fotografii : Stelian Popa

Authors’ Comment

The showroom aims to build a world of diversity that at the same time conveys the power to design tailor made interior design projects from concept to execution.First we played the role of client, then we came into the natural role of designer. "Let's be our most eccentric customer," we said. So far it was simple. The hardest part came when we realized that we can’t deceive our own expectations. This was the beginning of a versatile space where several architectural programs coexist. A concept meant to communicate quickly and harmoniously the unlimited possibilities of the client. The raw materials such as natural wood, stone and vegetable moss join together with state-of-the-art materials and technologies for the processing of glass, veneer and composite materials. Together, they give rise to complex volumes that shape the space. Customers can be in high-tech conference rooms or a cup of tea in the stylish café. They can take advantage of the playroom or find the inspiration for the next vacation in front of the hotel's pilot room. This space reflects our personality, is our second home and highlights our motto: "You imagine, we create".

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