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DO Penthouse

București, România
Authors: int.arch. Eduard Baicu, int.arch. Cristian Matei, designer Andrei Oțet / Phenomena laboratory

Authors’ Comment

The main principle that guided our work for the DO penthouse was function, introducing elements that are essential to the project and minimizing those with a pure decorative role. The result was a wide and open space, simple and clean. Warm light, earth-colored textures, pastel shades, they all complement the cold materials used in this project, such as marble and metal. In order to avoid reflections on horizontal planes, we opted for a more vertical approach to lighting, achieved through luminous planes and vertical light slits, thus replacing the traditional ceiling illumination. Through this particular use of light, we gained one advantage, which is the uninterrupted ceiling plain, that stretches throughout the apartment, giving the impression of a taller space.

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