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HQ Baupartner Group

Aricestii-Rahtivani, jud. Prahova, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru Solomonesc, arch. Cristina Solomonesc / Bauprojekt SRL

Authors’ Comment

Sky is the limit!
Prefabricated building elements have an untapped potential in Romanian architecture, and an easily constructed office building can be the perfect neutral framework for spatial planning ideas where the central element is the user. In this case, a play was possible between the conceptual area and the office-specific comfort and utility requirements, a play in which the building becomes a microcosm and where the various modes of exploration reveal different sequences of atmosphere. The three levels approach a tectonic layout in terms of chromaticity, textures and materials used, starting from the mineral sphere (ground floor), by shades of gray metal and apparent concrete, passing through the analogy of vegetation (1st floor) with light green and textures of wood and ending next to the outer terrace of the 2nd floor with the blue tones of the sky. The decoration elements used also contribute to this succession, becoming the end user's business card - such as the location of DOKA beams in the access area of the construction team's offices or the assimilation of the coffee break area for a relaxing lawn.