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Lesaffre office design

București, România
Author: arch. Flavia Bușcan / Intermedio General Grup ( Theta)
Collaborators: ing. Armand Preoteasa, ArtFM (execuție amenajare)
Mobilier standard/custom : Intermedio General Grup ( Theta)
Fotografii : Stelian Popa

Authors’ Comment

In order to establish a global quality standard for bakery, Lesaffre Romania wanted an air-friendly headquarters for employees and those who visit them. The concept starts from the idea of the "Bakery Town" which incorporates all the requirements and needs of the beneficiary. One by one, the visitor discovers part of the space through the main corridor, spread with pedestrian crossings and urban furniture. The collaborative / informal meeting area reminds us of the cafés of the Parisian streets, being at the same time the centerpiece of the arrangement.The office area is located near the façades in order to benefit from natural daylight with furniture pieces that complete the visual identity of the company. The end-point is the baking center.The space has a free height of 4.5m on corridors and 2.7m in offices. The lighting fixtures and custom-made metal structures complets the industrial-urban image.The project is distinguished by the pleasant combination of colors, chosen textures, the industrial appearance, but warm and welcoming.

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