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H. Apartment

București, România
Authors: arch. Vladimir Ivaneț, int.arch. Beatrice Marta / Somethingwedesign
Collaborators: Ham Group

Authors’ Comment

The project is represented by an 80 square meter flat located on Matei Basarab street, Bucharest.
Positioned on the highest level of a new apartment building, the space benefits from abundant daylight due to the two terraces and roof windows.
The long and narrow entrance is divided into two parts by a wooden frame covered with the same material as the floor.
Starting with the wooden element and ending with the dining room, white storage spaces and cabinets are arranged on the left side, in order to leave as mush space possible for the couch, the little island and the table.
With a minimal design, the main bedroom is divided from the ensuite by the wardrobe.
The guest bedroom is approached in the same style and is comprised of a wardrobe and an extendable couch, which share the space with a freestanding bath tub, carefully positioned beneath two roof windows.
In order to have continuity, a number of carefully chosen finishes have been used throughout the space.
Beginning with the hallway floor, a discreet concrete finish is used on several surfaces such as the kitchen worktop and walls, the two bathrooms and also in the area of the tub, including the suspended cabinet doors.
The light shade of the wood and decorative paint is complemented by the dominant white, which prevails in the simple colour scheme.