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Craiova, jud. Dolj, România
Authors: arch. Vladimir Mîndru, arch. Irina Bălănean / YELLOW OFFICE

Authors’ Comment

A vertical section through the restaurant space will reveal three registers and a gradient from compact to diaphanous. The middle layer, the walls without plaster is the binder between the marble or wood flooring and ceiling and the preserver of the house’s history. The eclectic atmosphere derives precisely from this arrangement of the two mirrored registers, as they try to grow towards each other, and whose contrast is melted in a neutral median layer.
The whole space was designed as a suite of frames. The interior carpentry was removed and the passages between rooms were marked with pastel metal frames.
Pieces of furniture reinterpret old elements that would have been found in such a house long ago - a stove shaped only from the edges and metal frames suggesting the lines of classic doors.
The floor is framed with paneling, the ceiling has a frame made of a perimeter profile in each room. Every element is outlined but also communicates subtly, finding correspondents in others.

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