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Global Business Cafeteria

București, România
Authors: int.arch. Andreea Benchea, arch. Irina Stoica, arch. Flavia Bușcan – colaborator / Intermedio General Grup ( Theta)
Collaborators: ArtFM(execuție amenajare)
Mobilier standard/custom : Intermedio General Grup ( Theta)
Fotografii : Stelian Popa

Authors’ Comment

The creative concept for IBM`s cafeteria is: The Lunch Boutique - an unconventional space where functionality and design meet as part of an environment build for stimulating office creativity and productivity while taking some time to relax and enjoy daily meals.The space is situated at the 7th Floor of Global Business Center Bucharest.The interior design started from the profile of its user - IBM, and has elements inspired by industrial and retro style, having in mind that IBM`s design philosophy started with Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Paul Rand and Isamu Noguchi. Therefore, in our concept we used retro and industrial inspired elements.The main intend was to break the idea of a canteen and create distinctive functional areas for slow meals, fast meals, breakout spots, collaboration, and play zone. All this typologies are connected as a hole by the unique color scheme and the sinuous shape of the floors and ceiling.

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