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"Premiata" Restaurant

București, România
Author: arch. Raluca Pădurariu / 2Deco Studio
Collaborators: Arh. Meves Ioana
Int. Arh. Stoian Alina
Int. Designer Iana Oana

Authors’ Comment

This space was designed to create a warm and welcoming environment with color accents, natural materials and refine style breaks.
The central part of the space is the bar area where a wood-fired oven is specially integrated for an authentic visual experience. The materials used: solid wood and industrial bricks, as well as the suspended metal construction highlight the atmosphere.
The color palette and finishes chosen for the walls - the white bricks, contrasts with both the industrial ceiling duct and the essence of the oak floor wood, creating a interesting mix that capture the sight of the visitor.
Industrial accents given by the materials used for wall, floor and ceiling finishes are sweetened and harmonized by the chosen coloring for furniture pieces in white, blue and yellow.
The concept takes into account the dialogue of materials used and their dosing. The space is highlighted by the shadow-light contrast between the nature of the materials used, the mix between the industrial style and that of the Italian-specific restaurants.

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