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  • Nomination for the “Interior Design” section

14th LANE

București, România
Authors: arch. Vladimir Mîndru, arch. Irina Bălănean / YELLOW OFFICE
Collaborators: beneficiar: 14thLANE // Boutique Du Pain
project management: technosystems // Andrei Caprini, Poida Cristian
branding: Oblic Studio // Stefan Prigoreanu
constructor: buildingconsumable // Bogdan Neacsu
mobilier: Sensio Mobili // OVO Design Furniture Group
corpuri de iluminat: BeeVision srl // ZWART
terrazzo: DBM // Cristian Drughi
pardoseală cărămidă: Deco Studio
plante: SC Babylon Garden SRL // Sorin Ciorapciu
finisaj ceramică: DISENO
MEP: Mc GeneralConstruct // Bog'Art // Blue Fire Solutions srl
echipare bucătării: Maxigel
foto: Cosmin Dragomir
cu suportul: Forte Partners

Authors’ Comment

The first electric tram in Bucharest was no.14, it went from „Uzina Electrică”. 125 years after, across the former power plant a new building is rising and the restaurant at the ground floor receives the name of the first tram lane. The project was approached as a food-court. Being large enough, several corners with specialized kitchens were created, offering a wider range of experiences based on the combination of design and cooking.
It’s working as an alveolar mechanism, the zones are opened depending on the hours.
From the story of "tram 14" not only the name was kept. Among design elements a tram rail was inserted into the industrial floor and technical drawings of a locomotive are engraved in the plywood walls.
Materials, textures, lights have been chosen to provide contrasting visual and tactile experiences. Behind the industrial metal doors are exposed warm-light lamps, terrazzo tops are placed over wooden planks, under the metal counter, the bar is clad in the leather.

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